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3J Microwave
Product Catalog

Amplifier Products
LNA and LNAC Low Noise Amplifiers
PA and PAC Power Amplifiers
GA and GAC General Purpose Amplifiers
Amplifier Outlines
Frequency Converters
MX Balanced Mixers
BMX DC Biased Balanced Mixers
SMX Single Ended Mixers
BSMX DC Biased Single Ended Mixers
HMX Harmonically Pumped Mixers
AVD Amplitude and video Frequency Detectors
SSBMX Single Side Band Balanced Mixers
IQMX I/Q Mixers
Frequency Converter Outlines
Signal Sources and Frequency Multipliers

DRO Dielectical Resonent Oscillators
PDRO Phase Locked Dielectrical Resonant Oscillators
PFM Passive Frequency Multipliers
BPFM DC Biased x2 Passive Multipliers
AFM Active Frequency Multipliers
NS Noise Sources
GMT GUNN Diode Oscillators
Singnal Sources and Frequency Multiplier Outlines
Passive Components

WGS, WGB, WGT and WGL Waveguide Straights, Bends, Twists and Termination Load
DC3, DC4 and DCD Split Block Waveguide Directional Couplers
CXC Crossguide Couplers
MGT and PDx Magic Tees and Power Dividers
PDCx Coax Power Dividers
MPL and HPL Power Termination Loads
FXA, LSA and LSP Fixed, Level Setting Attenuators and Phase Shilters
WCA Waveguide to Coax Adapters
LPF, BPF and HPF Low, Band and High Pass Filters
Passive Component Outlines
Ferrite Components

JI and JC Waveguide Junction Isolators and Circulators
FFI Waveguide Faraday Full Band Isolators
FFM Waveguide Modulators
Ferrite Component Outlines
PIN Diode Controlled Devices

PINx Waveguide SPDT, SPDT and SPxT Switches
PINCx Coax SPST, SPDT and SPxT PIN Diode Switches
PINA and PINAC Electrically Controlled PIN Diode Attenuators
PIN Diode Controlled Device Outlines
Standard Gain Horn Antennas

HNR and HNC Rectangular Gain Horn Antennas
Standard Gain Horn Antenna Outlines
Instrumentation Frequency Extenders

EXTNS Series Noise Figure Analyzer Frequency Extenders
EXTSNA Series Scalar Network Analyzer Frequency Extenders
EXTVNA Series Vector Network Analyzer Frequency Extenders
EXTSPA Series Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Extenders
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