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Isolators and Circulators:

Striline: SS Slim line, the latest “TW” line has the lowest IMD (10W, 100W and above) Cellular, DCS, PCS, UMTS, WI-MAX, RFID bands, (25MHz to 15GHz).
Microstrip: Highly polished ferrite garnet, thin film solderable and bondable thin film Gold over Copper to mm wave.
Drop-in on carrier 2-100 GHz. including the Fuji (FDK) compatible RDKF 2-30 GHz Series.
Substrate-only mounting directly to Chassis or circuit board (2-100 GHz).
Coaxial: a wide range of narrow band to multi-octave, 25MHz to 45GHz..
Cryogenic: models, SMA, N, K, 2.4 connectors
Waveguide: virtually any flange to 150GHz, low to high power, very low loss.
Lunped Element: to to 500W 1+1 protected, Ku Band 250W
Splitters, Combiners / Power Dividers Couplers & Quadrature Hybrids: Narrow band to multi-octave to 18GHz

Splitters and Combiners: 2 way up to 8-way, low and high power.
Quad Hybrids & Couplers: Narrow band to multi-octave to 18GHz.
Broadband, high power Quad Hybrids and Couplers
Surface Mount and Drop-In
Connectorized Couplers and Hybrids (to >100W)
3-way, overpass with compact Microstrip
We can cross reference to virtually any competitor, usually with better performance.
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