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Tronser Trimmer - Trimmer capacitors and Tuning elements for RF engineering

Air Plate Trimmer - the high adjust accuracy and mechanical stability under extreme conditions convince worldwide.
Air Tubular Trimmer - Your good adjust accuracy, mechanical precision and highest electric goodness set standards.
Sapphire Trimmer with a Q-Faktor from >3000 with 200 MHz As well as high thermal and mechanical stability.
Microwave Tuning Element and Microwave Housing out of different materials according to customer-specific statements.
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Tronser Turnmill - Turned, milled, stamped, nibbling and refining
Microwave tuning screws Milled Cavity Filter Housings  
Tronser Systems - Precision solutions for devices
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  Tuning Covers  
For more Details please Visit Tronser Website :: http://www.tronser.com
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