With System Assembly and Modeling (SAM), CST Studio Suite® provides an environment that simplifies the management of simulation projects, allowing the intuitive construction of electromagnetic systems and straightforward management of complex simulation flows using

schematic modeling

The SAM framework can be used for analyzing and optimizing an entire device that consists of multiple components whose interaction needs to be taken into account. Through SAM, currents and fields can be transferred from one simulation project to another, even using different solver technologies, for system-level analysis.

SAM helps users to compare the results of different solvers or model configurations within one simulation project and perform post-processing automatically. SAM also allows the set-up of a linked sequence of solver runs for hybrid and multiphysics simulations, for example using the results of EM simulation to calculate thermal effects, then structural deformation, and then another EM simulation to analyze detuning.

This combination of different levels of simulation helps to reduce the computational effort required to analyze a complex model accurately.