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Computer Simulation Technology(CST)
From static to optical, and from the nanoscale to the electrically large, CST STUDIO SUITE® includes tools for the design, simulation and optimization of a wide range of devices. Analysis is not limited to purely electromagnetic effects, but can also include thermal and mechanical effects and circuit simulation.

CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® is an industry-leading tool for the fast and accurate simulation of high-frequency devices. Application areas include microwave & RF, EDA/electronics and EMC/EMI.
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CST EM STUDIO ® : is for the design and analysis of static and low-frequency EM applications such as motors, sensors, actuators, transformers and shielding enclsoures.
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CST PARTICLE STUDIO ® is a specialized product dedicated to the fully consistent simulation of free-moving charged particles. Applications include electron guns, traveling wave tubes, magnetrons and wake fields.
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is for signal integrity and EMC/EMI analysis of cables and cable harnesses. It offers full bi-directional co-simulation with high frequency 3D transient solvers.
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is for the simulation of signal and power integrity effects on printed circuit boards.
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  CST BOARDCHECK ™ is a rule-checking program that reads popular board file formats and checks the PCB design against a suite of EMC or SI rules.
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CST MPHYSICS STUDIO ® is a multiphysics module for thermal simulations and mechanical stress analysis.
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CST DESIGN STUDIO is a versatile tool that facilitates 3D EM/circuit co-simulation and synthesis, as well as system simulation and optimization.
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Antenna Magus the first antenna design tool of its kind, has a huge database of antennas that can be explored to find, design and export models of designed antennas to CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®.
Optenni Lab helps to speed up the antenna design process by offering a fast, fully automatic matching circuit optimization tools.
Savant simulates installed performance of antennas located on electrically large platforms and EMIT helps to analyze electromagnetic incompatibility (EMI) in complex RF environments.
For more Details please Visit CST Website :: http://cst.com
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