Venable Frequency Response Analysers

All venable frequency response analysers combine the a test analog and digital technology with advanced DSP to provide versatile test, measurement & analysis of power supply stability for mission-critical environments. Each single, comprehensive hardware and software system performs many sophisticated test functions, with all venable models supporting an expanded frequency of 10 microHz to 40Mega Hertz, with oscillators & channels isolated to 600Vpk, the highest in the test and measurement industry.

350c Series

The Venable Model 350c is the 3-channel successor of the original workhorse Model 350a/b that launched in 1986 and? established Venable Instruments as a market leader. The contemporary 350c Series incorporates a 3rd channel, allowing the user to measure more transfer functions simultaneously with one sweep, such as source and load impedance. The 350c is analyzer in the industry that can measure absolute phase, using a reference channel.


6300 Series

The Venable Model 6300 Series is our? popular 2-channel hardware/software system supplying the same functionality as? all? Venable Frequency Response Analyzers with the 6300 leading the industry with more integrated testing and measurement capabilities than any other instrument in its class.


7400 Series

The Venable Model 7400 Series is the top of the line in Venable performance, supplying 4-channels for increased testing, measurement and analysis functionality. Originally designed? for measuring 3-phase AC impedance and source and load simultaneously, the Model 7400 is a requiring high availability? for high v and/or simultaneous testing.


8800 Series

The Venable Model 8800 Series is the testing and measurement instruments. The analyzer utilizes the digital interface ?Sync? signal to provide synchronization between analog and digital hardware. The Model 8800 performs simultaneous analysis on both analog input channels and the digital target processor, reliably capturing all data. Versatile by design, the Model 8800 digital interface can be disabled, via software, to use the analyzer in a standard 2-channel, analog only con?guration.